QuizWithMates is designed to help make organizing and playing on-line quizzes easier. The website takes the hard work out of collecting answers, marking answers, and tallying up the scores.
How it works?

1. The Host creates a quiz where he/she enters the questions and answers.

2. The host then shares that link so other players can sign up.

3. You all jump on a Skype/Zoom Call ( optional, but more fun ), and the host starts the quiz.

4. Questions are visible on the screen, in addition to being read out by the host.

5. Teams enter their answers - which are visible to the host real-time.

6. At the end of the quiz, the host and teams view a real-time marking sheet, whereby the host marks the answers for each of the teams.

QuizWithMates.com makes it a doddle to host quizzes, collect answers, and mark each question.

Example Screenshots:

1.Create Quiz Screen
2.Add Questions Screen
3.Quiz Players - Answer Question Screen
4.Quiz Host - See Real Time Team answers Screen
5.Quiz Host - Review and Mark answers Screen
6.Quiz Players - See real time score sheet Screen